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Combining social networking, client portal, document management, engagement tracking and dashboard mining, Caseware Cloud is a secure web-based collaboration environment for accountants and auditors.





Servicing your clients means being available to them regardless of location. For organizations with a significantly mobile workforce, the cloud is a platform that increases productivity and empowers collaboration. It allows your teams to work from anywhere, at any time.

With seamless integration between our desktop and cloud platforms, many of Caseware’s solutions are fully cloud compatible. Whether you are working on a client file, reviewing engagement metrics, or managing your practice, our solutions allow you and your teams to work in real-time and collaborate with each other whether you are together at the office or onsite with a client.


Key Benefits



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Always Connected To Your Clients and Their Data

To be productive, you need to be connected.

Caseware Cloud creates transparency between your staff and clients, enabling them to communicate, assign tasks and request documents through a shared online portal.



Centralized, Real-time Engagement Information

With different staff members working on engagements independently – continuity, consistency, and version control become big challenges. Client engagement files are maintained in one centralized location that is readily accessible by all team members. Our dashboards allow you to monitor all of your engagements in one place so that you are aware of each file’s status at any given time.

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Be Confident Your Data is Secure

By employing the same level of encryption as major banks and financial institutions, Caseware Cloud provides you with the confidence to assure your clients their data is safe with you. Our centralized cloud solution also reduces the potential for information to be lost or stolen, as documents do not need to be transferred – whether in paper files, sent through email or carried on a memory key.



Simplify Storage

It can be challenging to manage the storage of audit engagement files and documents, particularly when they originate from multiple sources. With Caseware Cloud, you can store all your client files and documents in one central location, eliminating the need to maintain your own internal network storage and reducing the chance of misplacing files.

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Automatic Time-Tracking

Many accounting firms spend more time on administration than needed, particularly when managing the complexities that ensue from working across a variety of independent systems.

Caseware Cloud’s automatic time-tracking significantly reduces your staff administration time and gives you invaluable insight on engagement profitability that was previously unachievable.

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