Caseware SmartSync™ is a file synchronization system that enables audit and accounting firms to collaborate simultaneously on centralised client files. Teams can work on local copies of a file in real-time, while each file is synced automatically in the background. 

All historical changes as well as who changed what are tracked, whilst no one in the team needs to wait for anyone to pass on a file or return to the office. When working offline, all changes are updated as soon as a connection to the network is re-established.

When combined with Caseware Cloud, distributed teams can seamlessly collaborate together on the same engagement, wherever they are, at any time.


CaseWare SmartSync Key Features



Gain Momentum

With SmartSync, you can check out of checking in and out. Team members can now work on local copies of a client file in real-time, with each file synced automatically in the background. Projects are always moving and momentum is never lost. No longer do you have to wait until someone else checks in a file to proceed. If you are offline, your changes will be updated the next time you connect to the network.


Boost Efficiency

Thanks to SyncSelect technology, only data that has changed will be updated, saving both time and bandwidth. Plus, each change is replicated to everyone at once, ensuring that each person is looking at the latest information. Also, staff at the same client site can collaborate on a file without having to send changes back and forth to the master copy.




Break Boundaries

No longer is any staff member tethered to their desk. Whether you're online or offline, at a client site or at the airport, SmartSync lets you collaborate with confidence. Staff members can do more on the go and teams can be assembled that were not feasible before. The SmartSync Server add-on enables collaboration through just an Internet connection, with no need to VPN in.

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