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Caseware Tax Forms is a template that offers a unique way to manage the completion of your clients' Tax Returns.


The process of completing and submitting Inland Revenue forms is simplified by the use of a number of special features.
Tax return can be completed and validated in Greek or English. Special Ministry Finance approval means that completed returns can be printed and submitted manually to the Inland Revenue. Alternatively completed returns can be exported in batch to XML files and submitted electronically via the TAXIS net system.

Key Features

Bilingual User Interface

Users can select the Language they would like to interface with the template. All menus and messages appear in the selected language, Greek or English.


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Bilingual Forms

It is possible to complete tax forms in either Greek or English. Irrespective of which interface language is selected, the user can complete tax returns in either Greek or English, depending on the taxpayer preference.

Multiple Years

Tax Returns available from 2004 onwards. Tax details from prior years can easily and selectively be retrieved into the current year and amended accordingly.

Ministry of Finance Approval

All forms are approved by the Ministry of Finance and are accepted for manual submission to the Inland Revenue.

Personal tax Computation

The template provides a personal tax computation.


Tax returns can be validated in line with Inland Revenue specifications.

TIC List of Organisations

In various parts of the tax return it is required to enter the TIC code of companies and other organisations. The TIC list is user definable and can be easily amended or updated.


Export to XML

Completed tax returns can be easily exported to XML for electronic submission via the Inland Revenue TAXISnet system.

Client Details Database

A separate client details database allows easy management of client details used on inland revenue forms.


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