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Caseware Time performs the complex functions an accounting practice requires in a simple, easy-to-use manner that doesn't require a financial background. Time can handle any practice-management challenge in practices both small and large.


Features and Functions

  • Time Workflow: A unique easy-to-learn interface that guides you through your tasks.
  • Extensive client/contact database: Lets you fully customize your client data.
  • Tracking of Time and expenses: Quickly and easily enter time for any period with the spreadsheet style interface.
  • Full on-screen billing: Optional automatic invoice numbering. You have complete control over the layout and content of your invoice whether issuing a proposed, interim, recurring or final invoice.
  • Flexible write-up and write-down distribution: You can control the distribution of write-ups and -downs or automatically assign the amount to those staff who have worked on the engagement.
  • Project Management: Helps you set up and manage your firm’s engagements and customize them for each client project.
  • Single Payment screen: Handles all advances, miscellaneous partial and full payments.
  • Report generation: Time’s document management system allows you to organize reports into hierarchical folders, allowing specific reports to be easily accessible depending on the staff function.
  • 200 reports available: With the ability to edit reports and filter information, managing your practice has never been easier.
  • Portable document format (PDF): Converts Time documents to PDFs without needing third party software. It’s now extremely easy to e-mail clients PDFs of invoices and/or statements.
  • Security Group Setup: Define access rights by assigning users to specific security groups with rights defined for each group.
  • Export to Working Papers: Export your Invoice, Cash Receipts, Credit Note, and approved Time and Expense journal entries automatically to your Caseware Working Papers general ledger.
  • Check out Time and Expenses: A staff member can check out a copy of the file to update his time and expenses while working away from the office network. When the staff member checks the entries back in, the original file is automatically updated.
  • User Profile: Filtering of documents is available globally on the Document Manager by user using color coding to streamline the documents.


Everything You Need in One Package

Caseware Time gives you everything you need to manage your accounting practice, in one package. With Time, you get time and billing, accounts receivable, and practice management -– all in real time. So there's no waiting for someone else to close a file before you get to work. This real-time technology lets you know instantly the status of your practice. When you enter your time, all relevant amounts for each report and client letter are updated immediately and automatically.


Maximum Flexibility to Customize and Generate Reports

With Caseware Time, you can customize every report to your liking or client specification. Time's filtering capabilities let you isolate and combine any criteria to create your reports.
With the ability to edit reports and filter information, managing your practice has never been easier.

  1. Adding a Company Logo to Statements, Credit Notes, and Invoices


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