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System Requirements

The following system requirements are detailed for your installation of IDEA.


Software Requirements

IDEA 12 is a 64-bit application that can only run on 64-bit operating systems. The following details the supported Windows operating systems and the supporting software required to run IDEA. For the latest information on IDEA's compatibility, such as Windows Operating System and more, see our conformance section in CaseWare Passport.



You must have the latest Windows updates/service packs installed.


Supported Windows Operating Systems

The following Windows operating systems are supported:

  • Windows 8.1 Update 1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Update 1
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019


Supporting Software

If the following applications are not already installed, the IDEA installation program will install them automatically:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 (64-bit) Redistributable Package
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 (64-bit) Redistributable Package
  • Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Installer (x64)
  • Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 (64-bit) Redistributable
    Note: Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 (64-bit) Redistributable will not be installed if any 32-bit Microsoft Office software/drivers are detected on your machine.


Hardware Requirements

The following table outlines the minimum hardware requirements:


Processor 64-bit, Multi-core 64-bit, Multi-core
RAM 8 GB 16 GB
100 GB 500 GB
Disk Type   SSD (Solid State Drive)


Visualization Feature Requirements

To run the Visualization feature in IDEA, your system must have 8 GB of RAM.

DPI/Display Scaling

IDEA does not support DPI scaling (Windows 7) or display scaling (Windows 8.1 Update and Windows 10). For high resolution monitors/screens, it is recommended to adjust the screen resolution for legibility.

For Windows 10, it is also recommended to enable the Override high DPI scaling behavior feature and select scaling performed by System. To enable this feature, access the Properties dialog box for idea.exe and click Change high DPI settings on the Compatibility tab.


Administrator Privileges

All editions of IDEA and its associated tools must be installed with administrator privileges.


Technical Notes
  • Coexistence of IDEA and CaseWare Network License Server
    In a network implementation, do not install IDEA and CaseWare Network License Server (NLS) on the same machine.
  • Coexistence of Different IDEA Versions
    Different IDEA versions (e.g., IDEA 10 and IDEA 11) cannot exist on the same machine.
  • Microsoft Office
    IDEA is compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 (64-bit) or later.
    Microsoft Access Import and Export Requirements
    Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 (64-bit) is required to import Microsoft Access files or export IDEA databases to Microsoft Access files.
  • CaseWare Working Papers
    • IDEA is compatible with CaseWare Working Papers 2021.
    • IDEA only supports a single implementation of CaseWare Working Papers. Concurrent installed versions of CaseWare Working Papers are not supported.


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